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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

30.000 celebrate Sochi

30.000 celebrate Sochi

The decision of the IOC to attribute to the Russian city of Sochi the organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2014 was acclaimed by 30.000 citizens of Sochi and other regions of the Russia that concentrated in the city for hear the news in the early hours of Thursday.

The 119th session of the IOC in Guatemala chose the city of Sochi, in the Russian Riviera, because the project had more to offer than the other city remaining in the competition, Pyeongchang, in the Republic of Korea. For Sochi, it was third time lucky, after the candidacy bids of 1998 and 2002 failed. These will be the first Winter Games in Russia.

In the presentation ceremony, Vladimir Putin spoke in Russian, English and French and promised "We will do our best for the Games in Sochi to be safe and pleasant for the athletes, spectators, journalists and guests in the Olympic and Paralympic Games".

The Government of the Russian Federation promises that the infrastructures will be built on time. A fund with 12 bn. USD was created for that end.

Today in Moscow a law was signed governing the launching of works for the Games: a new Olympic village, 580 km. of roads, a special project to safeguard the 30.000 species of wild plants in the 200.000 hectares of forests around the city, 11 new stadiums and sporting centers, a new Olympic Park, 59 km. of highways, a new railway net, a tunnel and the upgrading of the airport.

The holding of the Winter Games in Sochi will transform a summer seaside resort into a year-round venue. The considerable effort of the Government of the Russian Federation in the hosting of these Games was successful. Congratulations to the Organizing Commission!