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Russian sumo wrestlers involved into marijuana scandal

Russian sumo wrestlers involved into marijuana scandal

The Japanese Sumo Association authorized a sudden visit of a group of neurologists to Moscow’s Riogoku Kokugikan sports complex. The medics took blood and urine samples from 69 sumo wrestlers, including two Russian citizens – Soslan and Bartaz Boradzov.

The urine analysis showed that the two Russian sumo wrestlers were smoking marijuana. The brothers rejected the fact of their addiction to the drug and demanded new analysis be carried out.

According to the law of Japan, the athletes may face up to five years in jail, not to mention a large fine. What is worse, the athletes can be disqualified for life. Another Russian sumo wrestler, Soslan Gagloyev (aka Wakanoho) incurred such punishment for the first time in history on August 21.

The Boradzovs brothers and Gagloyev originate from North Ossetia and maintain friendly relations with each other.

Soslan Boradzov, 28, debuted in the Japanese sumo in May 2002. In March 2006 he was included in Makuuti, the Premier Division of Japanese Sumo Association, where he was known as Roho, the Russian Phoenix. Soslan is 195 cm in height and weighs 146 kilos.

Batraz Boradzov is 26 years old. Like his older brother, he began wrestling in Japan in May 2002. He became a Makuuti member in July 2005, but currently represents the second division, Juryo. The athlete performs under the nickname of Hakurodzan, the White Russian Mountain. He is 137 kilos and 188 cm in height.

Scandals around the Japanese Sumo Association have been happening one after another during the recent several years. Last year, for instance, a younger wrestler was killed by his older colleagues. All these incidents seriously undermine the prestige of the association, for it is believed that sumo athletes must be role models for the youth, ITAR-TASS reports.


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