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Fishing contest took place in Russia to promote fishing as a sport

Some 500 fishermen have taken part in a fishing contest in Kamchatka region in the Russian Far East. Organisers say the main aim of the event is to fight poaching by promoting fishing as a sport.

Competitors were striving to catch the largest fish or the greatest number of fish in three hours, using fishing rods.
The region is home to a quarter of all Pacific wild salmon and is a popular fishing destination. It is estimated that more than 100,000 tonnes of salmon are poached in Kamchatka every year, reports.

Fishing contests are popular not only in Russia.

Budding fishermen from near and far angled for a choice spot in Prospect Park last week for the 60th annual Macy's Fishing Contest.

The event at the Audubon Center for kids under 15 was slated to begin on Wednesday, but started Thursday due to Wednesday's torrential downpour.

But the rain delay didn't dampen the anglers' enthusiasm.

"It's kind of like a discovery," said Ade Akinsegun, 10, who attends Public School 39 and fishes frequently at the Audubon Center.

"I hope to catch the most fish, but I do it just for fun and the prizes," he said, referring to the awards for those who catch the largest fish and the most fish each day.

The grand prize went to Kevin Kahn, 15, who caught the most fish in one day. The other winner was Carlos Mirabal, 15, who caught the biggest fish out of the whole event.

The grand prize is a fishing boat trip for four out of Sheepshead Bay, said Jonathan Wells, education curator of public programs for Prospect Park, reports.

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