Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Oil production to kill Arctic?

Shell will set to exploring the Arctic region once again. The Anglo-Dutch oil company has recently been allowed to conduct drilling operations in order to produce oil off the Alaska coast. Such a decision was made by the US government. Ecologists are convinced that such a step of the American authorities is a serious mistake, and carbon search in the Arctic is fraught with danger for the environment. Moreover, the company had a negative experience in 2012, as its drilling rig took the ground. Shell was fined for air and water pollution.

Aleksandr Chumakov, Vice-President of the Russian Green Cross:

"The Americans have already got mixed up with ecological conditions disturbance on a global scale - that is after the infamous accident in the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf Stream even had its properties changed then and it influenced the European climate. And it's not over yet. The Arctic is even a more vulnerable region in this sense. All the existing biocenoses are on the brink of extinction due to the nature conditions. And any disturbance will simply put them under threat. It is enough to say that in case there are no glaciers, the existence of polar bears will be not clear at all. Thus, we should approach the case very carefully. There can be no improvising. I think that the Arctic exploring should not follow the initiative of some certain states, but rather international control under coordinated programs."