Europe keeps silence: migrants force Old World

Despite attempts of the EU to control the situation with refugees from the Middle East, police and the Europeans themselves have to admit - Europe has been hit by a wave of robbery and cruel rapes of local residents. Journalists, policemen and the Europeans themselves though are shocked that their friends, colleagues and even husbands... are afraid to defend them from rapists and robbers.
Mass media reports that migrants beat Europeans near Refugee Centres and even rape teenagers just 'in the street'. However, police conceals criminals' nationality 'to avoid pogroms'. In some cases they even have to resettle refugees, in order to save them from arson at night and possible attempts.
Many of those arrived claim that local women themselves are to be blamed. According to the Kurdish migrants, they have a lecherous look. Nonetheless, one cannot generalize the situation and speak about all the Europeans in such a way. Cases of most violent battery of migrants from Syria and other Asian countries are though well-known in Germany, Turkey, Greece, Sweden and Italy.


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