US aims F-22 fighters at Russia

The US sent F-22 Raptor fighter aircraft to a Romanian airbase on the Black Sea coast from its base in Great Britain. As the US reported, the aircraft would take part in training flights. Official aim of the training is cohesion of the eastern US allies in the NATO. According to the Russian permanent mission, NATO forms a new confrontation line in the Black Sea, attributing it to a "Russian threat". And Russia prepares retaliatory measures. "It contradicts basic interests of the Black Sea states, including those of the NATO members. It's not our choice. NATO should realize that Russia will undertake all the necessary measures to neutralize threats that occur."
Beside that, the US and Romania carried out drills in the Black Seas last year, practicing acts against submarines. "The US and Romanian Navy discussed and worked out tactics, technique, and procedure of acts against submarines in order to strengthen compatibility and common abilities to provide security, access and stability in the Black Sea", the US Navy reported.