Putin refuses to surrender Russia

Aleksey Kudrin, Chairman of the Strategic Developments Centre called Vladimir Putin at the meeting of the economic council panel to reduce geopolitical tension. He believes it would help the Russian economy. Kudrin tried to convince Putin that Russia should be built in the international technological chains. Putin refused from the proposal and claimed that it's not Russia that initiated this conflict and added that he was not going to trade sovereignty. Putin also stated that one should not increase tension and fall for provocations.


The majority of experts in the field of armaments admit that made-in-Russia weapons can be referred to as best weapons in the world. To substantiate this point, suffice it to recall that many countries make their own ripoffs of world-famous Russian weapons.

Three types of weapons that were stolen from Russia

US Deputy Representative to the UN, Jonathan Cohen, stated that Russia should return the Crimea and the Donbass region to Ukraine so that the United States could lift anti-Russian sanctions

US wants Russia to return Crimea, forget Donbass