Russia strikes with its new hypersonic missile

A hypersonic aircraft known as Article 4202 or 15Yu71 was successfully tested for the first time on 25 October during gunnery drill from the Dombarovskiy launcher deployment area in the Orenburg region at the Kura Missile Test Range in Kamchatka. All the on-board equipment, avionics, as well as guidance system are made of the Russian components. The weapon is capable of moving at a speed of around 7km/s at the maximum height. The device is designed to be installed in advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles instead of traditional warheads. 4202 starts operating at a height of about 100km and flies to the target at a speed of 5-7km/s. While before entering thick layers of atmosphere above the target, the hypersonic aircraft conducts a difficult manoeuvre, which hampers its being intercepted by means of missile defence. It should be noted that the project of combat blocks named Albatros occurred in the USSR in the mid-1980s as a response to the US attempt to create missile defence in the framework of the Star Wars conception.