Americans recognize Russia as one of greatest superpowers

The American Interest has named 8 most powerful states. Those are the US, China, Japan, Russia, which outran Germany by one point, India, Iran and Israel. Authors of the list have noted that the US maintained its leadership in the world despite this year's being one of the worst ones for Obama's Administration: the President did not manage to succeed in foreign policy, and little was done at home.
China, in its turn, made use of America's being passive and projected its influence in the regions of the South China and East China Seas. While at the end of the year they intercepted the US military drone after all.
What about Russia, success in diplomacy is evident. 'Putin scored both tactical and symbolic victories in Syria, allowing Assad to retake Aleppo while repeatedly humiliating the United States in the proces,'the article says. As Pravda.Ru reported, Barack Obama while being a President of the US used to claim that Russia's a military superpower which influenced its region and the whole world.