US Congress dispatches Putin’s army to Korea

A sensational statement has been made by Maxine Waters, the U.S. Representative for California. According to her, Russia has invaded... Korea! The speech of Democratic representative was broadcast by the US TV.
The Congresswoman lambasted the President Donald Trump, having noted that he was fishing for impeachment, as he did nothing while Moscow kept assaulting Korea.
This blooper was not the only one during her speech. The Congresswoman also did not manage to recollect the Syrian city of Aleppo and named it only after a hint her assistants dropped.
Spectators reacted to Waters' speech with perplexity. While journalists just derided her. Some of them wondered whether Putin was going to attack the Moon.
However, one should not be amazed. In early February journalist Caleb Maupin carried out an experiment on the streets of New York, asking passers-by what they thought about Russian threat to the state of Kyrgbekistan. As it turned out, a lot of Americans were sure that this made up country was tormented by the Kremlin's oppression.