Will US let Ukraine get away with IMF money?

A draft resolution on ban on cooperation with the IMF has been introduced in the Ukrainian Parliament. As early as in January the Kiev authorities were waiting for yet another tranche, but the issue is still up in the air.
The moratorium on signing any memorandums, agreements and treaties with the IMF was registered Friday by an MP from the President Poroshenko's party Kaplin and Head of the Ukrainian Association of Banks Sugonyako.
Such a legislation is beneficial for the Kiev authorities as it provides them with a useful tool for pressurizing the IMF. Representatives of the Fund insist on lift of the ban on sale of land and press for tougher terms of receiving a pension. The so-called fight against corruption is also an important issue at the talks with the IMF given shadow links which set a balance between power groups and the state power is based on.
Now Kiev may threaten the IMF with total break in relations, not to make concessions and disengage oneself from all the obligations. Nationalists have also demanded a breach with the IMF.
Author of the legislation has pointed out that for 22 years of cooperation with the IMF Ukraine has got 20bln dollars, which fully deindustrialized the state. In case land trading is started yet again, as it is demanded by the IMF, it will annihilate agriculture as well.