Researchers predict US’ split because of earthquake

Geologists have reported that the US faces an earthquake. The reason is a fault under the city of Santa Barbara in the south of the state of California. A corresponding article was published in the Geophysical Research Letters. The Ventura-Pitas Point fault runs westward 100km from the city of Ventura, beneath the cities of Santa Barbara and Goleta, part of it is under the Pacific Ocean.
Before that it was considered to be inactive. However, it has been found out recently that the fault may provoke a large earthquake - capable of magnitude 8 on the Richter scale.
It's not the only disaster the US is to face. As it became known, people evacuated under threat of the Oroville dam break were allowed to return home. However, they were called on to be ready for possible increase of the level of alert state as circumstances may change promptly.


The aggravation of the relationship between Russia and the USA that started unfolding during the presidency of Barack Obama has evolved into a real war during the arrival of Donald Trump. The United States has conducted a series of powerful attacks on Russia in the economic field. However, it is the EU that poses the biggest threat for the US

USA will perish if China turns to European Union

So some film producer called Weinstein has been abandoned by family and friends, and company, forced into therapy with shrinks as women come flying out of the floorboards from thirty years ago claiming they were raped in hotel rooms. So let's get this sex thing straight and let's put things into context. And ask how far up the line this will go.

The Weinstein story and the male chauvinist pig