West wants to run Donbass as Kosovo

The West may try to play its own scenario which would have nothing to do with the Minsk agreements. That is what revelation of Antje Herrberg, former UN Mediation Advisor hints at. Now she heads the MediatEUr organization, which allegedly helps settling conflicts in Europe, Asia, and Africa. She has arrived in Ukraine with the same goal. According to her, she has been working here for more than 20 years so far.
The plan she presented will suit Kiev, but it will hardly be adopted in the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics. Mrs Peacekeeper is sure that the situation in Donbass may be settled with creation of an international administration there - neither Ukrainian, nor Russian one.
According to her, 'there is an idea that Donbass, like Kosovo could be governed by international community. There would be police, border control, semblance of democratic processes and in some ten years people in the region could possibly decide by themselves what should happen with the territory where they live,' Herrberg assured.
What about the only recognized reconciliation plan for today - the Minsk agreements - Herrberg believes Moscow should be made to rewrite it.