Western media: US is main threat to world


The Huffington Post observer Dan Kovalik has noted in his article that the US 'has been much more brutal and blood-thirsty' than Russia during the whole XX century and namely America poses a main threat to the world.
As Kovalik pointed out, the US has more than 800 military bases around the whole world, while Russia has only one beyond the post-Soviet space - in Syria.
He believes it is beneficial for the US to vilify Russia in order to justify its excessive military expenditures. Nonetheless, he is still 'taken aback at how eager most liberals are to embrace and even stoke this demonization'.
By the way, the US President Donald Trump claimed overnight that negative publications on Russia in the US media just hamper him from getting along with Russia.
A poll has been also carried out recently in the US, which evidenced that one third of the residents consider Russia to be a friendly state and ally.



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