Is Pope Francis in danger?


A complicated situation has developed in the Vatican. The conflict of the Pope with conservative circles of the church has now reached a public level. Pope Francis is believed to have an authoritarian approach to leadership. Is the head of the Catholic church in danger?

Stanislav Stramidlovsky, an expert on the Vatican

"This is an old story that has been going on for years. It all started when Francis published his encyclic, devoted to issues of family, marriage, love, where he designated more humane approaches to all these problems. A group of conservative cardinals was formed in the Vatican, and four of them issued a special message to Pope Francis, where they persistently asked him to explain the aspects that they considered controversial. It was clear that as soon as Francis begins to respond, it will be possible to question everything he says and accuse him of heresy. The Pope then refused to enter into a dialogue, and the story gradually subsided, but other problems emerged. Now, they may put up anonymous posters in Rome that set forth claims to the Pope, which is ridiculous."



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