Philippines reorients from US to Russia


Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte aims to get out of the US custody and tries hard to reinforce economic ties with the main geopolitical adversaries of the US - China and Russia.

As it has become known, the Philippines have scheduled main coordinates of development of relations with Russia and are actively discussing cooperation issues with Moscow within agriculture and energy. Duterte plans to discuss the matter during his visit to Moscow, which is to take place within the first half of 2017. While the first plenary session of the joint Russia-Philippines commission on trade and economic cooperation will happen in early May.

Duterte seems to have realized that economic aid from the US is far from being a partnership.
The country needs new markets. Manila wants to import its goods to Russia, in particular, these are bananas, pears, mangoes, sugar and coconuts, as well as sea food. For the moment Russia's share in the Filipino import makes up only 1.5%, while that of China - 15.2%.



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