Large-scale drills: Crimea readies for defence


More than 2,500 people along with 600 units of military equipment are taking part in large-scale exercises in the Crimea, which are carried out by the Russian Airborne forces, the Black Sea Fleet and the Aerospace Forces.

Andrey Serdyukov, Commander of the Airborne forces, who runs the maneuvers, has reported that military men from the Novorossiysk, Kamyshin and Ulan-Ude Air Assault Divisions are engaged, as well as some forces and means of the Black Sea Fleet, and the 4th Army of the Air Forces and Air Defence of the Southern Military District.

By the way, three units have been put on alert and deployed for exercises for the first time ever.

As the Commander revealed, 'in course of a practical rehearsal, paratroopers will exercise different ways of conduct of anti-airborne defence in cooperation with the Black Sea fleet. Then they will annihilate an adversary in depth of the peninsula under support of the Aerospace Forces' aircraft, after which they will go on to defence of important frontiers and regions'.



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