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Son of Margaret Thatcher lead mercenaries from the former USSR

The South African police arrested the son of the former Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher.
51-year-old Mark Thatcher is suspected of funding and providing technical assistance to the mercenaries who were plotting a coup in Equatorial Guinea.

This story started on March 7 when Zimbabwe authorities arrested 64 mercenaries in Kharare airport in Boueing-727 which arrived from South Africa with military equipment aboard.

After the militants were arrested and interrogated, the statement was issued that these people were heading for Equatorial Guinea to overthrow President Teodor Obisango Nguen Mbasogo ruling the country for 25 years. There are few remarkable things about this country, except for its rich oil deposits.

After the arrest of the 64 mercenaries in Zimbabwe, the government of Equatorial Guinea announced about revealing the coup aimed at overthrowing the President, and informed on the arrest of 15 foreigners – citizens of South Africa, Kazakhstan and Armenia. On August 23, legal hearing on them was started.

Mark Thatcher and his friend, the former serviceman of SAS special force Simon Mann have been accused of hiring 70 foreign mercenaries for 200 thousand pounds to overthrow the President of Equatorial Guinea. Certainly, Mark Thatcher denies the allegations.

The Interior Minister of Zimbabwe Kembo Mokhadi added some intrigue in this complicated case. He said that the mercenaries were assisted by “British intelligence MI-6, CIA and Spanish special services”. According to the Minister, the chiefs of the police and the army commanders of Equatorial Guinea were involved in the coup.

If the defendants on the case will be brought in a verdict of guilty, they will be severely punished both in Equatorial Guinea and Zimbabwe. Capital punishment is likely to be imposed on them. However, Mark Thatcher is not going to be punished much – the South African authorities released him on bail for the period of the investigation.

On the photo: Mark Thatcher (photo from ВВС archive)