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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Mugabe sick or ill?

Zimbabwe dictator collapses and is in ICU in South Africa Robert Mugabe is in an intensive care unit in South Africa after what has been described as either a stroke or a fall. Speculation is increasing in the area that Mugabe is seriously ill.

The reaction by the regime is a tell-tale sign that something is wrong. The Green Bombers, gangs of thugs created by Mugabe to aid him in his controversial reform programmes, are setting up barricades in Harare, the capital city, according to sources interviewed by PRAVDA.Ru reporter Bento Moreira.

The Green Bombers have been reported to independent authorities for perpetrating acts of rape or even murder, at the behest of the ZANU-PF ruling party. They are scrutinizing all cars that pass through their barricades, evidently ready for a popular uprising in the event that the dictator is declared dead.

One tell-tale sign that all is not well is the report by an independent journalist with a senior member of the Zimbabwe regime, which denied in effect that Mugabe had gone to South Africa. However, Pravda.Ru sources in South Africa confirm that the dictator was flown to the Waterkloof Air Base after vomiting all Sunday night and collapsing on Monday.

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