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Author`s name Michael Simpson

US Companies Ignore Copyright

The situation with counterfeit software, audio and video products is unfavorable in the USA
According to the estimates of the Business Software Alliance (BSA) consulting company, 24 per cent of all software used by US companies is piratical copies.

At that, small-scale business enterprises neglect the copyright of software producers more often, as 40 per cent of their software is piratical. And this is despite of the fact that the level of computer piracy in the USA is the lowest in the world. To compare, piratical copies make up 33 per cent of the total number of software used in Western Europe; the share of piratical software in China makes up 92 per cent. BSA reports no information on the problem as concerning former Soviet republics.
As for counterfeit audio and video products, the situation is not that favorable in the USA as well. Recently, a large-scale anti-piratical campaign was held in America with a view to "make the younger generation understand that piracy is illegal"; the campaign was meant to make the youth realize that piracy deprives authors of the money they honestly earn and seriously violates the copyright legislation. US's largest film studios were the organizers of the action.  
The campaign comprised TV advertising and posters of actors and artists who persuaded people not to buy piratical copies thus depriving actors and artists of their legal money.