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Author`s name Alex Naumov

Belarus reveals FBI spy plot

Byelorussia Committee for State Security revealed the details of the ‘spy scandal’ that was connected with the members of the Embassies of the USA and Byelorussia. The accident took palace in March.

‘In Minsk there was a group of observation and detection that consisted of Belarus citizens-members of Security Office of the USA’, - revealed Valeriy Nadtachaev, the representative of the Committee of State Security.

He said that the head of the work of the group was Kurt Finley, whose id thought to be the regular member of the FBI. Nadtachaev said that he managed to cut down the illegal activity of Belarus citizens that could be qualified as ‘Betrayal of Motherland’.

Mr. Nadtachaev also said that the members of the criminal group lead the illegal shooting of other Belarus citizens, took on video camera their cars and observed the police members that worked during the meetings of ‘radical opposition’.

The main shooting areas were the center of Minsk, National airport ‘Minsk’, and some towns near the capital of Belarus. Overall there were made about 5 thousand photo shoots. After the check was completed, the Committee for State Security just revealed the warning message that said it’s forbidden to participate in the illegal group activities.

All the case suspects fired from the Embassy, and Finley left Belarus in late March. The activity of Finley can be qualified as ‘espionage’.

Translated by Lena Ksandinova