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Hitler won his war having left Nazi roots in the West

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Hitler won his war having left Nazi roots in the West

by Hans Vogel

It is a historical fact that Hitler's Germany has lost the Second World War. But is it, really?

It may be dangerous to even question the defeat of the Nazis, since at the very least one runs the risk of being declared insane and locked up. After all, we have here a historical fact, whose “factuality” is so absolutely lapidary and evident as to be the cornerstone of the very world we are living in.

In 1945 absolute evil, incorporated by Adolf Hitler, was defeated by absolute good, represented by the forces of liberal democracy, led by the United States. Entire generations in “the West” have been instructed by their governments, their teachers, and by scholars and journalists what to think of World War II. The number of Hollywood films elaborating on all facets of the epic struggle between the United States and Germany is so great as to defy counting. For scope and intensity few propaganda campaigns can rival the US post-war offensive to persuade the world to accept its skewed version of history. Its results are impressive indeed: nobody in “the West” today will admit the undeniable fact that it was actually the Red Army that defeated Hitler in the most bitterly fought campaign in history. It can hardly even be discussed in an academic environment: its mere suggestion will cause contemptuous smiles and a loss of intellectual prestige.

Now that the true character of the US political system is increasingly apparent to the whole world, now that the parasitical nature of its economic system is causing ever greater numbers of victims, now that the lies that underpin the US domination of world politics are finally being exposed, the time has come to take a serious look at what the “US victory over the Nazis” has brought us.

Let us therefore consider some of Hitler's policies and compare them to present-day political practice in the US:

- When Hitler came to power in 1933, many German banks had already been brought under government control in an effort to reduce the effects of the world economic crisis. Through government control of the banks, the Nazis continued to influence many key economic decisions.

--The response of the Bush II administration to the credit crisis has been exactly the same, namely to nationalize the key banks.

- The Nazi economy was a war economy in that the production of armaments and the needs of the armed forces determined economic activity.

-- Under the administration of Bush II, the US defense budget has grown 75% and is about as big as the combined defense budget of the rest of the world. More than at any time since the 1950s, the US has a war economy. Moreover, war remains just about the only field of human endeavor in which the US still holds some competitive edge.

- Hitler brought preventive and colonial war home to Europe, after it had been practiced in Africa, Asia and Latin America by the great colonial powers. Hitler used fake evidence to justify his wars and provoked them by creating false-flag incidents. Incidentally, at the Nuremberg Trials, the very act of starting a war was judged the original war crime, the crime that cleared the path for all the other war crimes.

-- Bush II has started two wars in true Nazi fashion: no one has ever seen any proof that the Afghanistan government was responsible for the destruction of the WTC towers at New York on that fateful September 11, 2001. But the US administration has invaded and occupied Afghanistan and installed a puppet government. Bush II used fabricated evidence to justify a war against Iraq, invaded and occupied that country and according to recent estimates has killed a million Iraqi civilians.

- Domestically, the Nazi regime began a rigorous program of Gleichschaltung (synchronization, coordination), destined to bring all non-government organizations under state supervision, ensuring they would faithfully help fulfill official policies. Thus, the press and the education system were gleichgeschaltet, synchronized.

-- Today, non-government organizations in the US may not yet be completely gleichgeschaltet, but in actual fact, the educational system has long been synchronized, not to mention the media.

- All government policies were supported by a vast propaganda effort, ranging from the local newspaper all the way op to national radio and the Berlin UFA studios, the Nazi Hollywood.

-- The US “old” media (radio, tv, newspapers) have long since lost their independence. Widely esteemed icons of supposed quality and reliability, such as the New York Times, are little more than government mouthpieces. Hollywood regularly turns out films that support or at most seemingly discuss US policies. True criticism has no place and gets no funding.

- Any form of opposition was speedily and ruthlessly eliminated, forcing only a handful of courageous Germans to take their activities underground.

-- Today, the internet is the only place where any documented criticism of government policies is to be found.

- Hitler's Nazi regime created a whole new vocabulary, made up notably of a bewildering series of acronyms and neologisms denoting certain government policies, such as Volksdeutsche, ethnic German. Foreigners who dared resist the Nazi occupation of their country were branded terrorists and savagely persecuted.

Pages: 123

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