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Myths of Pentagon: Lynch Was Saved by Iraqis

A source in the Pentagon says that Lynch survived for one reason only: Iraqis rendered her medical care
American Pfc. Jessica Lynch, 19, who became famous after her rescue from the Iraqi captivity, was in fact wounded in a car accident, not in action. The girl survived thanks to the help of Iraqis, The Washington Times reports.  The newspaper makes the publication with reference to a report by the Pentagon that is to be issued soon.

This report disproves information circulated by mass media and claimed that Jessica Lynch was desperately defending herself by shooting; that she was wounded and stabbed when Iraqis were taking her captive.  
According to information provided by the Pentagon, a military vehicle with the girl was ambushed on March 23. Private Lori Piestewa, 23, was driving the car; she made attempts to escape from the pursuit. But the car was fired upon; the girl lost control of it, swerved right and struck an overturned tractor-trailer.  
It was reported earlier that Iraqis killed Lori Piestewa right at the accident site; however sources in the Pentagon say that the girl was first taken to an Iraqi hospital where she died. Lori Piestewa was he only female soldier of the USA killed during the war in Iraq.

Wounded Jessica Lynch was taken to the same hospital together with Lori Piestewa.  

A source in the Pentagon says that Lynch survived for one reason only: Iraqis rendered her medical care. In a week after the incident, the US special forces released Jessica Lynch from captivity. The release operation was broadcast on TV. The Washington Times says that Pfc. Jessica Lynch was one of the most popular figures of the Iraqi war. 

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