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Formalities observed. American hawks celebrate a victory

The passed resolution no way links the Bush right to launching the war with any UN Security Council decision

About 1:00 (Washington Time) the US Congress passed a resolution which allows to US President George Bush to start military actions against Iraq. The resolution was approved of by the overwhelming majority (77 – “for,” 23 – “against”). And a bit earlier, the military operation was approved of by the House of Representatives of the US Congress. So, the US President was allowed to use US Armed Force as he finds it necessary and proper for US national security protection from still existing danger from Iraq and for realization of all UN Security Council resolutions on Iraq.

After the decision about attacking Iraq is taken, Bush must within 48 hours inform US Congress about it. According to RIA ‘Novosti’, US Congress gave the President a right to take decisions and to give orders any time about launching military actions against Iraq, when he finds it necessary. At the same time, the passed resolution no way links the Bush right to launching the war with any UN Security Council decision. There is no need in the Security Council agreement when the question is about US national security.

It should be noticed that last time US President had such a mighty support of law-makers and such broad authority almost 40 years ago – in 1964, during the Vietnam campaign.

According to El Mundo, most of political science experts forecasted namely this: both Houses of the Congress will support the Bush martial spirit, and the question will be not “if” but “when.” Nothing will stop the White House. American hawks celebrate a victory.

Sergei Yugov

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