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U.S. and Israel preparing attack on Iran?

The U.S. and Israel are planning an attack on nuclear facilities in the Islamic Republic of Iran using bombers and unmanned aircraft.  It was unveiled today in the magazine Foreign Policy. The publication quotes a source who was in on the discussions between the two countries, which ensures that the attack may last between two and 48 hours.


Prensa Latina


The publication quotes a source who was in on the discussions between the two countries, which ensures that the attack may last between two and 48 hours, in order to delay the country's atomic program for many years and ensure that the Persian country will be peaceful.

The report indicates that if one considers the development of relations between Israel and the administration of President Barack Obama in recent weeks, the attack on Iran will be "the easiest representative way" to neutralize criticism from Republican rival Mitt Romney on the subject, less than a month away from the November election.

The former governor of Massachusetts has accused the White House chief of not doing everything necessary to protect the interests of Tel Aviv.

The magazine claims that the attack will have a "transforming," effect and will serve U.S. interests in the region, ensuring control of the Persian Gulf, as well as ensuring continued U.S. influence for more than a decade.

Such an action cannot be performed only by Israel, since it requires the use of means that only the Pentagon has, which is why the Zionists need the participation of the United States, Foreign Policy adds.

In the coming days, military officials in Washington and Tel Aviv intend to start the exercise, Austere Challenge 2012, which includes the mobilization of Patriot anti-missile systems and various weapons, as a show of force in the region.

The United States and its allies have imposed economic sanctions on Iran, accused by them of developing a nuclear program with war aims, but Tehran denies these accusations.

The Sixteenth Summit of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries, held in Tehran last August, defended the right of states to develop, research, produce and use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

At present, the joint Israel-US action is portrayed differently, as a military drill.  Stated objectives of the drill are to facilitate the rapid deployment of US missile defense systems to Israel and test their ability to operate in conjunction with Israeli defense systems during a conflict.

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