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Sixteen reasons why Russia should NEVER trust the West

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Sixteen reasons why Russia should NEVER trust the West

1. The West raped Russia

Starting with pressure on the Yeltsin regime and with hand picked oligarchs and bureaucrats as intermediaries, it has been estimated that the West has ripped as much as $500 Billion (that's with a capital "B") from Russia, in the form of resources, money, equipment and treasures, from 1991 to 1999. Everything of value, nailed down or not, was taken. Whole cities would wake up and find that the various manufacturing plants that supported their economies were now empty of all equipment, which had been cartooned off bitterly in the night.

For an entire month, Vladivostok, the biggest Pacific port, a city the size of San Francisco, found itself without electricity, as the key bureaucrats had been able to grab all the oil from former government oil companies, freshly privatized with no regulation, and send it overseas to Japan and other countries. This of course left the local electric plants and refineries empty.

The US and the World Bank and IMF loved giving Yeltsin and his bunch "loans", which often ran into the multi billions and were of course funded by their own taxpayers who were equally raped. After taking their share off of the loans, the 90% plus that remained was than refunneled out of Russia and right back to the US where it was than quickly laundered. The Bank of New York was busted in such a scheme, moving over $6 Billion (again with a capital "B") in IMF Loans and other monies from Russia. After a deep congressional investigation, the fellow thieves in the US Congress gave them a slap on the wrist for their "accounting" error.

Despite all this, Russia has proven resurgent and has replace the stolen equipment and industries, to become the present day 6th largest economy, one which is poised to pass France and Britain either this year or next.

2. The West supported Yeltsin as he massacred Parliament

The Russian Parliament, which in 1991 stood against the hard line communist coup against Gorbachev, and with whom Yeltsin had than aligned himself and without whose support he would have never become president, than dared to stand in 1993 against the West's designs on Russian resources. It voted against the rushed Yeltsin shock therapy, the therapy that was designed to put all of Russia's resources into the hands of a few of the most corrupt men in the world and their Western backers (such as the salesman of cars...who as billionaire is now in exile in Britain. A murderer, who makes constant noises of raising a coup in Russia. A man who financed the Islamic Jihad in Chechnya...none other than the darling of the West: Berezovsky).

This act of insurrection by the Parliament resulted in the Clinton regime's order to their puppet Yeltsin to "do something about it". Yeltsin did. He ordered tanks to surround the building and opened fire, resulting in over 500 deaths. The next week, the War Cow Albright arrived to hug and kiss him and declare him a Great Democrat. It should be guessed that by Western standards he is, especially when one views how the West treats it's own dissidents and demonstrations (Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington DC all come to mind).

3. The West backed Chechen and other separatist elements

Several years before the Chechen wars even began, the West, particularly the CIA, began mass funding of the Chechen and other Islamic groups throughout Russia, in an effort to create instability and to further breakup Russia. Much of this has been born witness by former Turkish ministers, as was documented in direct interviews in the Russian program "Plan Caucus". Chechens would smuggle out diamonds to help fund their operations, while NATO and the CIA set up training camps in Turkey, with full Turkish participation. The ministers even admitted to meeting Bin Laden and his CIA handlers in 1993, well into the beginning of the First Chechen War.

Of course the Saudis and other Islamic regimes were well involved too. Many snuff films were made of Russian soldiers and civilians and used as training and recruitment videos by Islamics around the world. This was even the case in the Beslan school massacre and was a regular in the Balkan wars against Christian Serbs, Croats and Macedonians...all with either Washington's permission or blissful and enforced ignorance.

The NATO Turks provided major training bases and recuperation facilities and armed the Islamics with Western equipment, while Western mercenaries, both Islamic and non-Islamic came flooding in. Even western Ukrainian Nazis, Una-Unsa (which is now one of the coalition of American and Brussels backed ruling Orange parties in Kiev) came to fight. Norwegians, western catholic Ukrainians and British were the predominant mercenaries rubbing elbows with Arabs, Pakistanis and Turks in the ranks of Islamic Chechen jihad. In 2002, even a Japanese Islamic was killed crossing the border.

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