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New Smallpox Vaccine To Be Used in America

All American military men will have to take the vaccine soon

The US government announced on the new large scale program to protect American citizens from a possible attack on the part of Iraq. American special services received a piece of information, in which it was said that Saddam Hussein’s army possessed the biological weapon that was made on the base on the smallpox virus.  The administration of the American president has already decided to start conducting the vaccination of American military men soon.

George Bush made up his mind to prove the importance of the new program. He stated that he would take the vaccine along with his two daughters. It was announced that the smallpox vaccination would be available for everyone. However, only military men will be able to have it in the nearest future. Everyone else will have to wait for one year.

There is a certain risk with the use of the new vaccine. Yet, the American president decided to take that risk and conduct the total vaccination. George Bush believes that possible consequences of the new vaccine can never be compared to what
might follow a bioterror attack.

Smallpox virus has been considered as “beaten” since 1978. However, specialists think that terrorist might get hold of its pathogenic organism that can still be found in biological laboratories.

Elena Kiseleva

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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