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Whoopie Goldberg fired for making anti-Bush comments

Slim-Fast Diet products, a unit of the Anglo-Dutch companies, handed Whoppie Goldberg her walking papers on Wednesday, 14 July.
The reason: her anti-Bush comments.

Whoopie Goldberg is a very talented Black actress, and stand up comedian whose rapid fire one-liners are so completely unpredictable they  keep the audience on the edge of their seats.  She is also a very serious actress. 

Ms. Goldberg had been hired by Slim Fast to help promote their products through media advertising.  

Ms. Goldberg was also hired to do a comedy routine for a Democratic fund raiser for presidential candidate John Kerry.  (authors note: When a comedian or entertainer is hired to give a performance, they are informed by the promoters what the guidelines are.  There is comedy that it suitable for mixed company, and comedy that children should not be exposed to. Apparently the fund raising promoters chose to let Ms. Goldberg do what she does best and that is improvisational).   

While Ms. Goldberg might have had Democrats laughing in their seats, the Republicans were not amused.  Slim Fast claims they started receiving complaints from offended Republicans, and Slim Fast terminated their contractual relationship with Ms. Goldberg. 

This reporter is also starting to see a rapid decline in the number of comedians poking fun at George Bush. The question now becomes:  is America entering into dark waters? 

Michael Berglin

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