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The world does not approve of Bush's presidency

Overall, foreign countries have a rather negative attitude towards American President George W. Bush.

Such was the result of the public opinion poll conducted in nine nations worldwide, including the U.S. The poll was conducted by “Pew Research” and “Princeton Survey Research Associates” sociological services.

Sociologists claim that “majority of respondents in all surveyed countries, aside from the U.S. expressed their negative attitudes towards current American president.”

The poll also indicated that 60% of Russians dislike Bush, while only 28% have positive feelings for him.

In Germany the numbers are as follows: 85% and 14%; in France—85% and 15%; in Britain—57% and 39%; in Turkey—67% and 21%; in Pakistan—67% and 7%; in Jordan—96% and 3%; and in Morocco—90% and 8%. 

Americans, on the contrary, have a different attitude towards their president. 61% expressed their positive attitudes towards Bush, while only 36% felt negatively about him.