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Uncle Sam Wants to Get Rid of Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan is becoming more and more expensive for the American budget

International terrorist organization Al-Qaeda resumed the work of its camps to train terrorists in Afghanistan. This was informed by American Newsweek magazine, which conducted its own probe in Afghanistan. According to the information from the magazine, there are more than a dozen of terrorist camps operating on the territory of Afghanistan. Yemen and Chechen nationals reportedly work there as instructors.

The magazine informed that hundreds of terrorists were trained in those camps by experienced instructors. The terrorists were taught how to handle grenade launchers, fire guns, mines and various kinds of bombs. The magazine wrote that terrorists basically disappear amid the local Afghan population after two weeks of training. The magazine predicted the growth of number of terrorist acts and armed attacks in Afghanistan. 

The confession of this respectable magazine would not cost a thing before. However, the humanity is counting the last days of peace at the moment, so the revelation costs a lot. The Americans failed to conduct a blitzkrieg in Afghanistan. They defeated the Taliban forces, but then they got stuck in the guerrilla warfare. It must be confessed that they are losing the latter.

PRAVDA.Ru has touched upon this issue on numerous occasions recently. Here is a short quote from one of our recent article Unlucky Americans in Afghanistan: “Numerous operations like Anaconda or Harpoon brought no considerable results (just few ammunition depots were discovered, and several dozen fighters were liquidated). As the operations proved ineffective, they were given up in the end. From now on, if operations of this kind are to be held, they will be carried out by the Afghans themselves under the US’s strict guidance.”

Until recently, the information about Americans’ pitiable situation has been concealed. What’s going to be next? This is a natural question to ask for an average American tax payer. There has not been any answer given to it yet. The Pentagon is busy with Iraq, they do not really care about Afghanistan now. Yet, they do not feel like dropping the whole issue for good.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill is coming to Afghanistan. The official goal of his visit is to conduct negotiations with the leadership of Afghanistan. Senior American official is to discuss the restoration of economy and infrastructure of the country, which has been devastated by the civil war for 23 years running. Furthermore, O'Neill is intended to determine the efficiency of the international financial help for Afghanistan and its distribution in the country. This help is provided by the United States, first and foremost. As the US embassy in Kabul informed, Paul O'Neill would go to see the reconstruction of a highway between Kabul and Kandahar. The USA has assigned some $80 million for that project. Go figure.

Dmitry Litvinovich

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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