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Osama bin Laden: Kerry for president


House Speaker Dennis Hastert states, emphatically, that Osama Bin Laden wants John Kerry for president.

House Speaker Dennis Hastert, apparently speaking on behalf of al Qaeda, informed the American public that al Qaeda wants Kerry to win the US elections. In a CNN special report, Hastert’s claims are clearly stated.

Readers will remember Bush and Cheney have both said that if Kerry is elected, Osama Bin Laden will attack the US.  Apparently they too are speaking on behalf of Bin Laden and al Qaeda.

For the Russian reader, one must understand the continuance of power in the US.  If the president is incapacitated, the power moves to the vice president.  If the vice president becomes incapacitated, the power then goes to the speaker of the house, which is Dennis Hastert.

The question now becomes why are all three in the power structure saying the same thing?  What do they know that the world public is not, and has not, been told?

Is there a more than a friendly working relationship between the power structure of the US, Bin Laden, the al Qaeda, and Iraq? 

We cannot dismiss this as part of the election campaign hype – it would be foolish to believe Bush, Cheney, and Hastert would all make the same claim without something behind it. 

This matter deserves some go for the throat investigative journalism.

Michael Berglin


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