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Current global turmoils lead to World War III

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Current global turmoils lead to World War III. 48047.jpeg

Arab Spring, a protracted political crisis in Syria, the situation in Iran, the events in Central Asia, high-profile scandals in Ukraine, the economic turmoil in Belarus and rallies under the slogan "For Fair Elections" in Russia gave rise to speculations about the origins and the global context of what is happening. The analysis and forecast are astounding.

Syrian Prime Minister Wa'el al-Halki recently said that the country was exposed to a plot backed by Western circles in the United States and the EU, as well as some countries in the region - Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. This conspiracy was part of a world war, in which not only military means, but also political, economic, and information tools were used. The Syrian officials have repeatedly said that their home was attacked by terrorists inserted from the neighboring countries, but this was the first time Damascus talked about the world war.

In Russia that is making a serious effort to find a way out of the Syrian crisis, politicians and analysts have heated debates about the causes and lessons of the events that took place in January of 2011 in North Africa and the Middle East, and make forecasts of the situation in the region and on global scale. The discussions attract both those whose profession is international politics, and those who do not have this direct relationship.

For the head of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship Yevgeny Fyodorov, the situation is quite clear. He said to "Pravda.Ru": "Syria has undergone blatant external aggression, I would say, public, demonstrative, and in this respect it is not the first one, but rather the tenth or something. Before, there were Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and everything else. But Syria is a tough nut to crack, for historical reasons, due to the fact that the Syrians know what a civil war is, they remember it, but do not want it.

The MP has no doubts about the role of the "world behind the scenes" in the Syrian events and a wide scheming aimed at global destabilization: "Today the task of the Americans who organized this aggression is to put the final squeeze on Syria, preferably without intruding there by force. Actually, they do not want to send American tanks there. Syria is part of today's resistance, one of the last to defend the world from a world war. Because, after breaking Syria, Americans will not stop - the next will be a military strike on Iran, then Ukraine, then Belarus, that is, chain of events will begin unwinding. They may put India and China against each other - they have been wanting to do it for a long time. This has happened already and will happen over and over again."

First Vice President of the Academy of Geopolitical Issues, Konstantin Sivkov - a military man - is not expecting the third world war, at least not in the near future. As he told "Pravda.Ru," a world war will not happen because of the apparent "serious strategic defeats of the West in the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Arab Spring," that "demonstrate its failure to address the issue of re-making the world through military force."

For Sivkov the leading role of external forces in the launch of the Arab revolutions is evident. "A series of revolutions in a number of countries in the Middle East and North Africa were launched in just a month or two - almost instantly, from a historical point of view. This suggests that these processes were adjusted from the outside, because naturally in such terms such unity could not be implemented," he said. "This explosion was inspired by western civilization, because the global division of the world with the establishment of the global dominance of the Western civilization, in the first place, the United States, over the main resources of the world, is vital for the elite - without this it will not be able to survive under the new conditions. "

The initiator of the revolutions was, in his opinion, "the online community and consolidation centers implemented in these countries by liberal Westerners". Some of them, according to Sivkov, came from abroad, and some were living in these Arab countries. The bet was that as a result of this wave and subsequent events Mubarak and Ben Ali will be replaced by those who orchestrated these events. But the West was not in luck, instead of its supporters, radical Islamists came to power in the Arab world.

The U.S. and its allies did not take into account a number of factors: the regime change was somewhat delayed and Saudi Arabia that very actively worked within the concept of a new Islamic caliphate has started frantic activity in the region. The centers of Islamic movements in Egypt and Tunisia were not suppressed by the former regime to the point where they would lose their capacity to act, so they quickly managed to consolidate.

"After the defeat of liberal Western ideological basis represented by Ben Ali and Mubarak, those who destroyed them, could not offer an alternative. Demolishing leaders and offering the same ideology that the deposed rulers preached is meaningless. Those who initiated the explosion had no proposals. The "Muslim Brotherhood" proposed Islam, and the people followed them," explains Sivkov.

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