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US Lawmakers fail to respond to constituent’s letters sent to them

In a surprise Eyewitness News investigation, KSTP, Channel 5 news, Minneapolis, Minnesota, revealed today that out of 19 letters sent to lawmakers in Washington, just over one half of the congress people responded. 
Last fall, Eyewitness News, sent 19 letters to congress people asking specific questions regarding some pertinent issues.  Out of the 19, only 7 responded within a month, with 2 more responses following several months. 

Representative Jim Ramstad, in a 24 May 2004 response to the previous fall’s letter to him, Eyewitness News said: “Problem is we wrote Ramstad last October when Congress was still deciding which of several plans to go with.  We asked him which plan he favored and why.  His letter sums up the plan Congress passed but does not say if it's the plan he wanted”.  

Representative Ramstad’s answer is totally abstract in relationship to the question asked of him. 

A letter from the White House, also dated 24 May 2004, contains an equally abstract response.  Eyewitness News stated: ” It too touts the benefits of the prescription drug package signed by the President in December.  And like Ramstad's letter this one does not say which of the plans the President favored”. 

Over 9 months have passed, 10 of America’s lawmakers still have yet to respond. 

This reporter tried a similar experiment.  Over two months ago, I sent a letter to Senator Mark Dayton, and Senator Norm Coleman.  In the letters I sent, I asked 5 specific questions. Neither of the two Senators have responded. 

Michael Berglin

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