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Bush disregards significant loss of 2,000th US serviceman in Iraq

Bush urged everyone to be patient and quiet because the war in Iraq would require even more sacrifice 

The number of losses, which US Armed Forces suffered in Iraq since the start of the military campaign there, has reached 2,000 people. Pentagon officials have recently reported the death of an American sergeant, who died of wounds after the terrorist act in the town of Samarra. US soldiers in IraqThe Bush's administration starts receiving more criticism against the background of such an unpleasant situation. US Democrats already believe that the president should order to withdraw troops from Iraq. The US administration, however, has not accentuated attention on the new doleful page of the military campaign in Iraq. President Bush offered everyone to be patient, because the war in Iraq would require even more sacrifice.

According to official information, the USA has lost 2,000 servicemen in Iraq. Sergeant George Alexander Jr. died of wounds at a Texan hospital last week. Over 15,000 American military men have been injured during almost 30 months of the US-led Iraqi campaign. However, a lot of Iraqis believe that the actual number of US losses in Iraq is a lot higher. A Baghdad resident told the AP that the official reports were not true to fact: “US soldiers in Iraq are attacked on a daily basis in almost all Iraqi towns,” said Rahim al-Kaabi.

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The US Senate honored the killed American soldiers with a moment of silence during its latest session. Democrats resumed the discussion regarding the urgent need to bring the military operation in Iraq to an end. Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean stated that the significant death of the 2,000 American soldier has marked one of the most sorrowful days of the ongoing war. The official blamed the US president for the attempt to make this sorrowful event least noticeable. “Sadly, in delivering yet another speech about the war in Iraq that lacked a clear plan for victory, President Bush failed to mention the tragic milestone we mark today," Dean said. "This is not the kind of leadership that the brave men and women serving in Iraq and their loved ones here at home expect or deserve from the commander in chief," he added.

Democrats have a moral right to crack down on Bush now. Recent opinion polls conducted in the USA show that George Bush would not win the presidential election, if it were held during the forthcoming weekend. Bush's rating in the USA has suffered a considerable decline after the president's inability to control the situation both in Iraq and in the United States, against the background of the recent disaster brought by Hurricane Katrina.

US soldiers in IraqEven if the American president has certain doubts about his policies, he does not make those doubts show. Bush emphasized in an interview with Al-Arabiya TV that US troops would be withdrawn from Iraq only when the security services of the young democratic regime in Iraq would be 100 percent ready to act alone. Needless to say that it may take years and decades for this goal to be accomplished. Delivering a speech during official dinner in honor of officers' wives, the US president urged everyone to be prepared for more casualties. "This war will require more sacrifice, more time, and more resolve," he said. No one should underestimate the difficulties ahead. Nor should they overlook the advantages we bring to this fight,” Bush said. The US president stressed out that if the USA withdrew from Iraq at the moment, the whole world would not feel safe anymore, because Osama bin Laden and al-Zarqawi would take control of Iraq immediately.

In the meantime, polls reveal that the prestige of serving in the US Armed Forces has been declining in the USA lately. A lot of American young men are not willing to serve in Iraq. The USA is currently getting ready for another surge of massive actions of protests.

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