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New Al-Qaida To Be Born

The CIA believes that the new terrorist organization will be more dangerous
No sooner had US special services frightened Americans by announcing the possibility of new terrorist attacks than the Central Intelligence Agency hurried to calm people down. It was said that Osama bin Laden's terrorist network had been weakened, although not destroyed. A lot of terrorist leaders and common guerrillas have been arrested, and terrorists at large have become quiet. However, the CIA has released another alarming statement.  Experts in American intelligence believe that a more powerful terrorist organization is likely to appear soon - a so-called "al-Qaida 2.0."

The new "version" of the network might be based on unknown terrorist groups. It will be a less centralized organization, but it will be as powerful and dangerous as al-Qaida. New leaders replace old ones very quickly, which does not let American (and not only American) special services detect and arrest them.

It is very hard to believe that CIA experts do not know where these new al-Qaidas are coming from. The war in Iraq has provided hundreds of new guerrillas for terrorist groups. And the process is gathering steam. Furthermore, organizations like al-Qaida are rather comfortable many countries, despite numerous "anti-terrorist operations" in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and so on.

Last year, though, UN international terrorism experts directed their attention to the way al-Qaida's activities had changed.  They believe that the leaders of the terrorist network have already established contacts with various national or religious extremist groups that are ready to use terrorism for achieving their objectives. If this is really so, it will be a lot harder to destroy Bin Laden's organization. To all appearances, all the acts of terrorism in recent months have been conducted by those "national or religious extremist groups," with or without al-Qaida participation. It seems that the current situation is a lot worse than it was before the massive anti-terrorist struggle was launched.

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