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First Lady Laura Bush is now in the hot seat

First Lady Bush is now in the hot seat for her support of the verbal and disgraceful attacks on John Kerry’s war record.
In an interview, First Lady Bush was asked if she thought it was unfair the way the Swift Boats,org attacked John Kerry. Her reply: “Not really”. 

Bush-Cheney legal adviser Benjamin Ginsberg and retired Air Force Col. Ken Cordier, an unpaid adviser to the campaign on veterans' issues, were asked to resign from the campaign this past week over their involvement with the swift boat group.

Bush is trying, unsuccessfully, to distance him from the whole matter because a number of statements by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth directly contradict the Navy records of events and in some cases their own previous statements. 

One swift boat member who has stated without reservation, that John Kerry lied also admits he has no first hand knowledge, no personal experience and was not there when Kerry’s boat took hostile fire. 

Senator John McCain, R-AZ, has made a public call for Bush to repudiate and condemn the lies that were spread about John Kerry, and Bush still ignores the requests and refuses to comment on the disparaging ads against Kerry. Senator McCain, R-Arizona, one of the Republican National Convention's main speakers and a Vietnam veteran who was a POW for five-and-a-half years, has called the ads "dishonest and dishonorable".

Kerry, on the other hand, condemned an ad attacking Bush's National Guard record.

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