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U.S. Journalist denounces spy agency activity in Syria

U.S. Journalist denounces spy agency activity in Syria. 46003.jpegFrom Damascus, U.S. journalist denounces the CIA, Mossad and M16 operating together in Syria

Western countries are doing everything possible to disrupt civil peace in Syria, denounced the writer and American journalist, Webster Tarpley (Vermelho,. Voltaire) in Damascus, the Syrian capital to TV RT (Russia Today). According to him, Syrian civilians have to deal daily with death squads and blind terrorism, which is typical of covert actions of sabotage and destabilization used by the CIA.

Photo: The U.S. ambassador to Syria, Robert S. Ford (left) is, according to reliable sources, the key official of the U.S. State Department which has been responsible for the recruitment of Arab terrorists to create "death squads," usually with activists from Al-Qaeda (the funded organization of the CIA) for these same units as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Chechnya, to fight now against the Syrian army and police in Syria and to create a civil war in this country

"How does the average Syrian national of all ethnic groups know what is happening?"

People complain that there are terrorist snipers shooting at people. It is blind terrorism, simply for the purpose of destabilizing the country to make the various ethnic groups confront each other. I would not call it civil war - which is a term that deceives and we are mistaken in using it in referring to what is happening today in Syria.

What is happening here is that civilians are being targeted by professional death squads. It comes to a question of terrorist commandos, a typical method used by the CIA. No one knows how they appeared. "In this case, it is a secret and planned joint action by the CIA, MI6 and Mossad, financed with money from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar," said Webster.

Professor Webster notes that Syrian society is the most tolerant society in the Middle East, the only place where all kinds of people and ethnic groups can live together in a remarkable harmony, Muslims and Christians of all types.

"Syria is a model of peaceful co-existence between different ethnic groups." The policy of the United States seeks to attack this point precisely to disrupt and create chaos in the Middle East and this is essential to attack ethnic lines, so that they face each other in a fratricidal war," he added.

The laws imposed by Syrian President Assad and his performance as a ruler are increasingly called upon and considered illegitimate by the west.

"After the NATO 'humanitarian help' to Libya, which was really a bloodbath, with 150,000 dead and now with Egypt, people are just now only realizing what it was from the beginning - there was no revolution there at all - it was a failure, and now people are beginning to understand this mistake."

Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Rice continue to encourage and promote this model of revolts, called color revolutions. But this time they are using the support of terrorist troops, mercenaries, fundamentalists, the people of Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood."

"There is an ever growing movement inside society that says: 'We want reconciliation, we want law and order, and we especially want legality,'" Professor Webster Tarpley points out.


Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova


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Between the rubble of Syria's war, both physical and political, many certainties have collapsed, but new alliances have emerged, more or less clear from the outset, and that the war, cleansing everything from a hypocrisy, finally unveiled.

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