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North Korean leader asks support to build prosperous nation

North Korean leader asks support to build prosperous nation. 49274.jpeg

The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un asked support from the bases of the ruling party in the current effort at building a thriving socialist nation and making reality the dream of Kim Jong Il to provide wealth and comfort for the people.

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The top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) expressed these criteria in a speech during the Fourth Conference of Secretaries of the Party of Labor of Korea that takes place in this capital with some 10 000 participants, the official agency KCNA reported.

"The cells of the Party remain strong, the organization will continue unabated against any adversity, and there is nothing to fear and nothing is impossible," added Kim.

The leader of the DPRK expressed that "the most important task today is to prepare members of the Labour Party of Korea (PTC) as genuine followers of the ideas of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and his work with the masses to bind this political organization to more people."

"An important task," Kim added, "is to organize members of the PTC and others with energy and mobility to implement the policies of the organization, at a time when it advances a general dynamic to build a prosperous socialist society."

According to the young North Korean leader, the most important current task of the revolutionary PTC is to translate into reality the noble desire of Kim Jong Il "... until the last moments of his life, to get wealth and comfort for the people under socialism."

He said that to achieve the shift to building an economic giant and improve the standard of living of the population, Party organizations at all levels should successfully play their roles, and urged the secretaries to approach their basic work with more responsibility

Kim Jong Un gave 2 pounds of candy to every child in the country in honor of his January 8th birthday, according to a report from state media.

The giving of "birthday candy" was started in 1980 by Kim's grandfather and North Korea's founding leader Kim Il-Sung.

A radio report by the North Korean Central Broadcasting Station, said Kim had mobilised aircraft to ensure that each child in the country aged 10 or under received the candy gift in time.

The country has also declared its readiness for defending itself.   As reported in DPRK media, a service member was quoted as saying:  "The powerful striking means of the Paektusan revolutionary army have already been in full readiness to shower fire of merciless punishment on the disgusting den of evils and show what a real war is like."

A coal mine worker declared, "Peace can never be expected on this planet as long as the U.S., the empire of evil, remains intact.  Sovereignty of each country and nation is not something presented or defended by others. What can ensure their sovereignty and dignity is only the military strength for independence and justice built up by their own efforts."

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