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Crowds in the streets in celebration of 34 years of the Islamic Revolution

Crowds in the streets in celebration of 34 years of the Islamic Revolution. 49373.jpeg

Millions of Iranians began to meet this Sunday morning in Tehran and other cities in the country to participate in the celebrations marking the 34th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

In the capital, Tehran, and other cities, huge rallies took place, once again, demonstrating that the Iranian people remain united around the principles of the Islamic Revolution. The leaders renewed their commitment to the will of the people and hailed the achievements of science and technology that the Islamic Republic has obtained over the last few years.

The crowd converged on Azadi Square from eight different points, carrying flags, pictures of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Sayed Rouhollah Khomeini, and his successor, Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei, and flags of Palestine, Hamas and Hezbollah.

Slogans of "Death to America" ​​and "Death to Israel" - were heard, the  sworn enemies of the Islamic regime. There were demonstrations across the country, especially in the large cities of Machhad, Isfahan, Shiraz and Kerman.

Under the slogan "The Epic of unity and popular participation," the participants condemned the political pressures and economic embargo imposed against the Islamic Republic by the forces of global arrogance since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution.

In the final communiqué, released after large popular demonstrations, Iran's government reiterated the right of the country to enjoy the benefits of nuclear energy used for peaceful purposes and the right of Iran to have their rights recognized, immovable as a condition to be reached before the start of any negotiations. The document also calls for the end of any unreasonable and unfair political interference in the country's peaceful nuclear program.

"The Iranian people are determined, more than ever, to defend its unity. Any attempt to destabilize Iran is treason to the people, the revolution and the democratic Islamic government of Iran "- reads the final communiqué. "Iran will persevere in resisting the designs of the enemies and remain united around the speech illustrated by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution."

On 02/11/1979, ten days after the triumphant return from his exile in France, Khomeini's revolutionaries overthrew the imperial and pro-Western regime of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and occupied the various centers of power, without any interference from the Army to thus establish an Islamic Republic in Iran.

Demonstrations took place this Sunday when the great powers of the world, in their arrogance, try to prevent the Islamic Republic from continuing its nuclear program for peaceful purposes. Research recently released by the U.S. Gallup polling agency showed that the vast majority of the Iranian population supports the national nuclear program.

Ahmadinejad: "Washington needs to change its tone, in favor of bilateral dialogue"

In a speech in Tehran, the Iranian president denounced U.S. sanctions against his country and said that the proposal of the Americans, to begin to seek bilateral dialogue with Iran on the nuclear issue is a "much needed change of attitude, but not enough."

Speaking directly to the government of the U.S., Ahmadinejad said: "You've done everything you could to try to stop us from continuing our research for the  peaceful uses of nuclear energy and always failed. There is no doubt that the best solution is cooperation and understanding. Put away the guns that you keep leveled against Iran, and I will accept to negotiate with you. But it must be a respectful dialogue with fairness and balance, and not under pressure. "

Ahmadinejad urged Iranians to remain "united under the command of the Supreme Leader," who is responsible for the final word on Iran's nuclear activities and diplomacy, and warned the U.S.: "The Iranian nation will not waive one iota of its legitimate rights on the nuclear issue. "

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova



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