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Condoleeza Rice accused of interfering in Lebanon’s domestic matters

Head of National Party of Lebanon Gazi al-Manzar called “interference in the domestic matters of Lebanon” the statement of the USA national security advisor Condoleeza Rice on the impending presidential elections in Lebanon. 
According to al-Manzar, Condoleeza Rice said that the US authorities would like to see no foreign influence in the presidential elections in Lebanon. 
Al-Manzar thinks that “the USA is not in the position to discuss democracy and freedom in election campaign because the USA is supporting the opposition in Lebanon and Syria to exert pressure to these countries, and also is dictating its will to Arabic countries.

Patriarch of Maronite Catholic Church in Lebanon Nasralla Butros Sfeir agrees with the position of party leader. Only the believer of this church can be the Head of Lebanon.

Presidential elections will take place in Lebanon in autumn of 2004. .

Source: RIA-Novosti


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