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Author`s name Michael Simpson

U.S. Brings Saddam Back to Power!

Russian politicians know how Saddam is feeling and where he has taken shelter
The Iraqi dictator is still refusing to leave some people in peace. Saddam is a mysterious person: He disappeared, and nobody knows where he can be hiding. Russian politician and Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky has suddenly become anxious about the fate of his best friend, which is how he himself refers to Saddam Hussein. In fact, Zhirinovsky may know something no intelligence agency in the world can even guess, not to mention the sitting U.S. administration headed by George W. Bush.

What information does Zhirinovsky have about Saddam? The Russian news agency RIA Novosti informs us that he made a statement saying that the Iraqi leader was in good health and has found shelter on the territory of Iraq. And this is not because the Iraqi leader is afraid of falling into the Americans' hands; he is simply waiting for the moment to get back in power. At that, it is said that he is going to realize his plan with the help of the Americans.

On a visit to France on the invitation of another friend of his, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Vladimir Zhirinovsky stunned journalists with the information, saying he was perfectly sure of the following facts:

He said that Saddam would spend about a year underground. Then, for fear of the establishment of a radical Islamic state in Iraq, the United States will agree to restore Iraq to the way that it previously existed. Then, Saddam Hussein will be back in power. Finally, Iraq may become a federative state in which larger powers and authority will be given to the Kurds.

We would like to report further details and information given by Zhirinovsky's closest associate in the Liberal Democratic Party, Alexey Mitrofanov: About 1,000 high-ranking officials of the former Iraqi regime are underground, hiding on the territory of Iraq. According to Mitrofanov, the Liberal Democratic Party is maintaining contact with these people (he didn't specify how exactly). So, in his words, Saddam is safe and sound.

Certainly, the above-mentioned statements look like another PR action of the sort that is so typical of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Today, the party submitted the question of granting asylum to the former Iraqi government for the consideration of the Russian parliament. The parliament, of course, rejected the initiative. It is likely that this result was evident to the Liberal Democratic Party from the very beginning. However, they have achieved their goal: The party and its leader are now the topic of the day in the Russian mass media.