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Author`s name Ольга Савка

Turkey Ambitious About Turkish Community

Ankara uses the humanitarian expansion tactics for this purpose

A lot of things have been said and written about the activity of the Turkish intelligence on the territory of Russia. Turkish secret agents work in Northern Caucasus, in Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Chuvashia republics of the Russian Federation. They conduct their activities in all cities and towns, which have Muslim communities. The firm Serhat is one of the most successful firms in the field - it has become famous for organizing educational institutions that were meant to form "friendly relations between Russia and Turkey." However, Serhat is a division of the organization Nurjular, which is closely connected with Gray Wolves group and Turkish secret services. Nurjular stands for the establishment of the Great Turan state from Turkey to the Russian republic of Yakutia (Siberia).

On Saturday, ten Serhat members were expelled to Turkey from the republic of  Bashkiria. It took Russian special services eleven years to pay attention to the activity of the "educational" company.

The organization appeared in Russia in the beginning of the 1990s. In 1992, Serhat and the government of Bashkiria signed an agreement pertaining to the establishment of the first school for boys. It goes without saying that there is nothing bad about the fact of the agreement. Serhat promised to provide modern equipment to the new school (the firm kept its promise) and to aim all efforts at training "highly educated students." Students were highly educated indeed - they became good specialists of the Turkish history and culture.

The FSB department in the Bashkiria republic believes that Turkish teachers had a goal to raise the pro-Turkish people to represent Turkey's interests at Bashkiria's government. Serhat employees were not allowed to use the Russian mail or to use phones for serious negotiations. Such secrecy does not match an educational institution.

Serhat opened schools in Ufa, Sterlitamak, Neftekamsk, Sibay. The schools enjoy great popularity among the local youth. Twenty-two students competed for one place at such a school in 2000, which was higher than the competition in Moscow most prestigious universities. In fact, it was not only Serhat that established educational institutions in Russia. In addition to it, local officials of education in Tatarstan, for example, say that one can not have a free access to those schools, which means that it is impossible to control their educational programs.

In fact, Turkey does not conceal its ambition to create a community of Turk countries under Ankara's aegis. Various "charitable" institutions and organizations have been established for this purpose. Turkey uses the humanitarian expansion, creating its followers in the republics that have a loyal attitude to the idea of the Turkish community. To all appearance, the program has been successful so far, although Ankara does not hurry to report its progress in the field.