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Saddam Hussein's Sons Dead

Iraqis rejoice and fire their guns in the air

The death of Saddam Hussein's sons comes in handy both for George W. Bush and his staunchest ally Tony Blair. Few people will probably regret the deaths of Uday and Qusay - the two executioners and sadists. Baghdad residents rejoiced at the death of Saddam's two sons and celebrated it with firing their guns skyward. News agencies reported, explosions could be heard in the city - the people were overwhelmingly happy.

The fact of the national exultation in Iraq does not promise anything good to the US-led administration. Saddam's sons have been killed, but what is going to be next? It is hard to believe that they have inspired the Iraqi resistance - the majority of Iraqis would have finished off with them a lot quicker, if they had known their whereabouts.

According to news reports from Iraq, the population still has a lot of weapons at their disposal. The US-led administration has repeatedly tried to do something to make people lay their arms down, but there have not been any results achieved in this respect. American officials are left to put a good face on things. US army Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez said that Iraqi people had a very good reason for a celebration. Yet, the Iraqis are not celebrating with pop-guns or fireworks - they are firing real guns.

The American administration has been turning a blind eye on it so far. George W. Bush has already announced that the death of Saddam's two sons proved that the previous Iraqi regime is gone for good. Prime Minister Tony Blair said that the death of Uday and Qusay's sons was "a great day for the new Iraq." "The celebrations that are taking place are an indication of just how evil they were," he concluded. However, neither Bush, nor his British ally have mentioned that a 14-year-old boy was killed during the attack of the building in the city of Mosul, where Uday and Qusay were staying. It is supposed that the boy was probably Saddam Hussein's grandson. The leaders of Great Britain and the USA have not expressed any regrets - apparently, it seemed a thing of no importance to them against the background of such major events.

Uday's and Qusay's bodies are currently kept at the Baghdad airport. The bodies were identified by Abid Hamid Mahmud Tikriti, Hussein's presidential secretary and top security adviser. It gives a reason to believe that we have not witnessed something like "another storming of Umm Qasr" - the information is official.  

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