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USA to put pressure on Malaysia to silence reasons of Boeing crash



USA to put pressure on Malaysia to silence reasons of Boeing crash. 53444.png

Malaysia said that it will be forced to repeatedly send its experts to the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Boeing in Ukraine. To put it in a nutshell, Malaysia is strongly dissatisfied with the course of investigation and is forced to conduct its own investigation, in an attempt to restore the picture of what happened to its airplane in the sky above Ukraine.

Most likely, the story of the downed plane will be hidden away carefully. For those, who more or less understand the situation, it is clear that neither the militia nor Russia were involved in the terrible disaster.

The only question is whether Ukraine incidentally shot down the Boeing or it was a carefully planned, but an ineptly executed act of provocation.

Given that according to available information, the plane was at first shot at in the air, and then finished off with a missile, occasionally is practically excluded. Photos of Buk missile systems, supposedly owed by militia, appeared instantly. A stray provocateur in Donetsk, a couple of days before the disaster, hinted that the militia owned Buk complexes. Boeing's fate had been decided in advance.

Malaysia, which was given the role of an underdog, does not agree with such a state of affairs. Two strange disasters, where the Malaysians were used for some obscure purposes, push the country towards separate, independent action.

It is hard to predict, what kind of results the Malaysians will obtain. Most likely, there will be no undeniable evidence found. The West does not need a qualitative investigation under the current circumstances.

There is a small chance and a possibility that the Dutch found destructive elements in the bodies of the passengers. If so, their indifference to the tragedy becomes understandable. However, this is an unprecedented event. Localizing and collecting debris is not an opportunity that one often gets in such cases.

Most likely, when delaying the publication of the results of investigation is not longer an option, they will announce the results in a non-public way and try to resolve the issue with Malaysia privately.

More than likely, Ukraine will promise to pay something; it will not plead guilty to the tragedy, and the United States will put pressure on Malaysia, so that the country puts up with the crash of the Boeing.

One should not forget about another player that works very closely with Malaysia - China. If the situation with the Boeing crash can bring out something that will stain both the protégé of the United States and the reputation of the United States as a consequence, China will do it, given that China has another ally in this - Russia.

Paradoxically, the battle for South-East Asia began to unfold on the fields of Ukraine.


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Who shot down Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines?


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