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Hussein is dying

Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is dying.

According to several versions proposed by Arab and British press, he’s had either a heart attack or clinical death. Lawyers of the former Iraq president stated that it is in George Bush's and Tony Blair's interest to see hussein dead. New facts regarding Saddam Hussein’s critical health problems have been revealed Thursday.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mirror, with reference to the attorneys of former Iraqi leader, Hussein has had a heart attack. Arab press does not provide 100% accurate diagnosis; however, they also claim that Saddam Hussein is in critical condition. According to the Internet site “Akhbar Al-Iraq”, ex-president was administered to ER in critical condition yesterday, where he later experienced clinical death. Today, the information has been refuted by the Iraqi Foreign Minister Hamid Al-Bayati.

Rumors regarding Saddam’s deadly illness have been around for quite a long time, despite repeated refutations of Iraqi authorities. Recently, minister of the Iraqi government Bahtiar Amin, a human rights activist has even disclosed Hussein’s medical records. It was evident from his words that the former dictator was really sick. His illness however was not as life threatening as portrayed by the media. The most serious illness that Saddam Hussein might have is cancer. However, it is impossible to diagnose it, since the prisoner refuses to undergo biopsy. In addition, according to Amin, Saddam is being treated for a chronic infection of prostate as well as provide medical help due to his high blood pressure.

Reports regarding Hussein’s death are purposely being spread by his lawyers who have been trying to see their client for a long time. “In accordance with the Geneva Convention concerning prisoners of war, we are allowed access to our client. However, our demands have been ignored so far,” quotes RIA “Novosti” defense attorneys. Lawyer Mohammed Al-Rushadan has stated several times that George W. Bush and Tony Blair are interested in Hussein’s death. Defense attorney states that Hussein’s health is so poor that there is a chance that he will not be able to survive the trial.

The upcoming trial could reveal some discrediting facts of the American politics. Today, Washington is willing to demonstrate that Iraq’s occupation is over and the country is governed by the independent authority. However, such formalities are unable to conceal the fact that Alavi's cabinet still exists thanks to the US support.

Saddam Hussein committed crimes against humanity. He has to face charges at the International court. The United states however do not acknowledge authority of the International Criminal Court. The reason behind it is quite simple: Saddam, who calls the American president criminal, could tell the court about all connections between Washington and his regime. Most likely, the former Iraqi leader will end up on the scaffold. Then again, may be not. Hussein's attorney claims that his client's health is so poor that there is a chance he might not survive until the end of the trial.