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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

US foreign policies towards North Korea instigate global nuclear crisis

Is Pyongyang solely responsible for the development of the North Korean crisis? The US administration deliberately creates circumstances, at which North Korea is unable to receive its finances from formally unblocked bank accounts. South Korea in its turn prepares to launch an up-to-date aircraft carrier. It goes without saying that such actions do not push the North Korean administration towards a compromise.

The two Koreas regularly conduct talks with each other. The most recent ones started Tuesday, on a ministerial level. However, official meetings do not solve the nuclear problem of North Korea, but only aggravate it instead.

The chairman of the Supreme People’s Assembly of North Korea, Kim Young Nam, said in 2004: “The only reason that makes us develop the nuclear weapon is connected with our policies to restrain a preventive attack from the USA. We do not want to repeat the Iraqi history.” The official wholly supported the idea of negotiations, though.

The situation started getting out of control in May of the current year after it was agreed to shut down a nuclear reactor and grant access to N.Korea for IAEA inspectors. On May 24, one day before North Korea launched a short-range missile, spokesmen for the N.Korean administration said that the USA should withdraw over a thousand of its nuclear warheads deployed around the territory of North Korea, if the international community would like the country to shut down its nuclear program.

Pyongyang intends to discuss this question at a regional security forum, which is going to be held in July. The foreign ministers of China, Russia, the USA, South Korea, Japan and officials of several other countries are going to participate in the summit.

The USA – the country that is most interested in the nuclear disarmament of North Korea – does not take appropriate measures at this point. The US administration does not have a joint approach to the list of possible concessions, which the USA could make for N.Korea. Furthermore, the USA has deliberately created circumstances, at which North Korea cannot receive its 25 million dollars – the amount that was frozen at Banco Delta Asia in September of 2005. The account was unblocked after successful talks in February of 2007. Making a transaction is impossible because other banks refuse to accept the money on their accounts worrying about their reputations and possible sanctions from the US Treasury, which banned transactions with Banco Delta Asia. The USA preferred to announce the bank as a credit institution experiencing severe problems. This creates a contradictory state of affairs taking into consideration the fact that the return of the above-mentioned amount was one of the most important conditions of North Korea.

In the meantime, South Korea has launched its most powerful aircraft carrier, the cost of which is estimated at about one billion dollars. The vessel is equipped with US air defense system and modern arms. It brings up the idea that these reasons make North Korea continue to develop its nuclear technologies as long as other countries are openly involved into an arms race.

It is not ruled out that Kim Jong-il will not be able to leave a strong successor when he leaves the position for health of other reasons. Afterwards, North Korea may turn to democratic regime and eventually unite with S.Korea. Nevertheless, the two Koreas will continue to view each other as enemies under the US pressure.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov