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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

USA’s global supremacy ambition stumbles upon Russia’s barrier

US emissaries have started their tour of the Middle East. The US administration aims to arm their allies in the region and boycott Hamas. Mahmoud Abbas, Pakistani President, left the country to make a visit to Russia – the country that apparently remains the only reliable mediator in the conflict. Abbas’s decision to visit Moscow became quite an unpleasant surprise for the USA.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates arrived in the Middle East. The two top officials of the United States will conduct negotiations with Arab leaders in Egypt and in Saudi Arabia. Afterwards, Rice will travel to Jerusalem and Ramallah to have a meeting with Israeli and Palestinian officials. “They will confirm it to our friends that the Middle East remains an important strategic priority for the USA,” Bush said.

Gates and Rice’s trip to the Middle East has three basic goals: to make Iraq’s neighboring states expand their assistance to stabilize the situation in the country, to try to move forward the peace regulation process between Palestine and Israel and to nullify Iran’s growing ambition in the region and to confirm that the USA is ready to guarantee security for its allies.

Tracking down and analyzing the chain of US officials’ visits to the Middle East one may come to conclusion that they have never brought any good to the Arab world. For example, it is simply impossible to imagine how Iraq’s neighbors are going to expand their assistance to this country against the background of USA’s ardent attempts to split the country into three.

Apparently, Ms. Rice is supposed to win the support of Mideastern countries in Bush’s initiative to hold the conference on Iraq in New York under the aegis of the aggressor. Washington was definitely disappointed to receive a quick refusal from the Middle East regarding that idea. Now the US administration is using its prime weapons – Condoleezza Rice, money and military power – to pursue the above goal.

To put it in a nutshell, Washington offers to inundate the whole region of the Middle East with weapons for the sake of peace and solve the stability issue. The Bush’s administration intends to sign large-scale defense contracts with friendly regions in the Middle East. It goes about both offensive and defensive arms.

The agreements, which the USA intends to sign with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman, are said to total at least 20 billion dollars, US media report. Those arms deals will become the largest deals which the Bush’s administration has ever signed.

In addition, the US government intends to prolong financial assistance programs to Israel and Egypt for another ten years. Washington is going to increase the annual assistance to Israel from 2.4 billion to 3 billion dollars, whereas the amount to Egypt will remain on the current level of 1.3 billion dollars.

The USA has thus defined the budget of the peaceful regulation of region’s major problems: 60 billion dollars will be assigned to US allies, and wars will end.

Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates have another original goal of their Mideastern tour. They want to become mediators for Israel and Palestine, put forward a suggestion to establish the Palestinian state without coordinating the issue with Hamas – the ruling movement of the nation. Instead, the top US officials intend to declare the movement a terrorist organization.

The President of the Palestinian Authority, the leader of Fatah movement, Mahmoud Abbas, arrived in Moscow before meeting Ms. Rice and Mr. Gates. Abbas’s decision became a slap in the face of the United States. When Abbas talks to Ms. Rice in Palestine he will first and foremost see to which extent her suggestions correspond to Moscow’s positions. The Russian administration considers it necessary to retrieve the Palestinian integrity. Furthermore, Russia is ready to meet with Hamas leaders and thus run balanced politics of the Mideastern regulation.

On the other hand, specialists say that Russia will not be able to organize a dialogue between Abbas and Hamas after Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan failed to make it happen. However, Moussa Abu Marzouk, deputy head of Hamas' political bureau, said that Hamas was willing to recreate the Palestinian integrity under the guidance of Abbas, but the new coalition government and common security forces were needed for it. This may mean that Moscow has all chances to reconcile the adversaries.

The third goal which the US officials are going to pursue during their visit to the Middle East is connected with Iran. The US administration needs to put a stop to Iran’s growing ambition Washington believes that it can be achieved if the Persian Gulf countries are reamed with up-to-date modern arms. Iran in this case will find itself surrounded with well-armed neighbors.

Many countries of the region have the temptation of being the strongest state among others. Therefore, US diplomats will probably win the fight at this point. Any conflict in the region with the use of smart bombs, Patriot missile systems and other kinds of weapons that the USA will deliver to the region, will strike a serious blow on Iran and on the economy of entire Europe and Asia.

The matter is not about Iraq, Iran, Palestine or Israel. It goes about the ambition of global supremacy of the United States. The game is worth the candle.

Vladimir Anokhin