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Author`s name Dmitriy Sudakov

USA can't accept loss of Syria

Syria has been at the centre of world news for years already. The country is ranked first in terms of the number of lies that one can hear about the events happening in the war-torn country. Ukraine probably comes second from this point of view. Myths about Syria are purposefully created in the West - in the American hotbed of democracy. General Director of Pravda.Ru Inna Novikova and secretary of the Central Committee of the United Communist Party, blogger and historian Daria Mitina talked about it in an interview.

"The Pentagon has recently said that Assad was working on another chemical attack. The argumentation for the announcement was admirable: we have very serious evidence to prove that, but we won't tell you, because this is a military secret."

"One must understand here that this is not the first and not the last anti-Syrian provocation on the part of the United States and NATO. Moreover, the number of such provocations will grow against the backdrop of the development of the peace process in Syria.

"Not without reason, even the Russian General Staff announced that the Syrian army won the war, and the process to eliminate terrorists was coming to an end. Indeed, we can now witness radical changes in the war that lasts for six years already. Of course, separate areas of terrorist resistance remain, but Syria today looks quite different from what it looked like in the beginning of the year, not to mention September 2015, when Russia took the side of Syria.

"There are certain circles, whole states and military-political blocs that do not like such a development, and this is predictable. Nevertheless, the fake news from the Pentagon about the allegedly discovered Syrian chemical weapons was unsuccessful - it did not work, because everyone knows that there are no such weapons in Syria.

"Syrian chemical weapons were destroyed under the supervision of an international commission, which included a representative of the United States. This was a joint initiative as a way to normalize the international situation. Therefore, any provocations on the subject look ridiculous, and this is nothing else but a provocation, because they did not even bother to convene the UN Security Council."

"If the Americans had announced that at the UN Security Council, it would have been necessary to provide evidence, but they said they would not do it."

"It is difficult to predict how the UN Security Council would react to this, but we can assume that a number of countries would support the US position, some others would keep neutrality, and Russia and China would veto any decision that would be taken to exacerbate the crisis. Why didn't the Americans share their information with Russia?"


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