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Silvio Berlusconi To Reconcile USA and Germany

Another sensational statement from Mr. Berlusconi

Apparently, the Italian Prime Minister's credo of life is "not a day without a sensation." This time, Silvio Berlusconi did not offer anyone to play the role of a concentration camp security guard. On the contrary, the head of the Italian government set forth a rather beneficial idea. Berlusconi volunteered to act as a mediator in the regulation of relations between the USA and Germany (the relations have been worsened with the war in Iraq).

RBC news agency reported, Berlusconi said in an interview to the German newspaper Bild that his relations with the American president were trusting and friendly. On the ground of that, the Italian prime minister is even ready to claim responsibility and reconcile Bush and Schroeder. Berlusconi stated, as the chairman of the European Union, he was going to take efforts and to smooth out the confrontation between the two countries. The prime minister believes, all disagreements between the leaders of the USA and Germany are referred to the past, and it is time for the joint work to retrieve the stability in the world.

It is not known to which extent Berlusconi's suggestion will be accepted. The Italian prime minister slightly spoiled the relations with the German chancellor last month, when he insulted a German deputy of the European parliament. After that, the governments of the two countries indulged in criticism, and Chancellor Schroeder eventually refused to travel to Venice for his vacation. It would be better for Silvio Berlusconi to become reconciled with his German colleague first.

Anyway, the wish of the Italian prime minister to act as a mediator was hardly evoked with altruism. If Silvio Berlusconi suddenly manages to reconcile Germany and the USA, he would gain huge political advantages. Therefore, Berlusconi's influence on the world politics would increase a lot too. After that, world leaders would stop treating him as a person, who likes releasing provocative statements.