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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Kosovo: Soul of a Nation

Kosovo, properly known as Kosovo and Metohija (Kosmet) is lawfully and legally a province of Serbia. This fact was recognized in UN Security Council Resolution 1244, adopted at the end of the 1999 war against Serbia. UN Resolution 1244 reaffirmed “the adhesion of all states’ members to the principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federative Republic of Yugoslavia,” a country of which the current Republic of Serbia is the heir. However, the proposals and demands in negation of this signed document reveal the empire’s total disregard for international law and agreements it makes.

The name Kosovo is derived from the Serbian name for the blackbird (kos) and Kosovo is thereby "the land of the blackbird" while the name of Metohija denotes a monastery estate, the region in which the Serbian Patriarchate of Pec, pronounced "Petch" and the old Serbian monasteries are located. Serbia is a republic of about 10 million people and includes a Muslim Albanian minority of about 2 million people, most of whom live in Kosovo.

Kosovo and Metohija is the historical cradle of Serbia’s national and spiritual identity and the location of many churches, monasteries, and other holy sites, many of which have already been destroyed by Albanian terrorists as part of their campaign to remove all remaining Serbs as well as the memory that they were ever there. Kosovo was the center of the Serbian Kingdom in the Middle Ages, a fully developed medieval Serbian culture that survived five centuries of harsh Ottoman rule until liberated in 1912. Many monasteries of Serbian-Byzantine architectural style including Studenitca, Decani and Gracanica bear witness to a highly developed Serbian culture. The economic and cultural progress of Serbia was above the average European level. Dusan's Code of Laws (Zakonik), formulated in 1349-1354, shows the advanced social structure of the Serbian state.

Because of unrelenting Turkish persecution, large numbers of Serbs were forced to leave the Kosovo region . In their place, Muslim Albanians were settled in ever-increasing numbers. This continued during WWII as part of a plan by Mussolini and Hitler to eliminate Serbs. By the end of WWII, the Kosovo area was already about 70% Albanian. Albanian terrorists are now finishing what they were unable to complete during World War II.

According to the data from the Serbian Orthodox Church, nearly 150 churches and monasteries have been destroyed in Kosovo and Metohija, the cradle of Serbian Orthodoxy, and most Serbs have been driven off of their land. Only a few surviving churches and ruins of churches stand as tacit reminders of the past of that land. It is not just cultural monuments or sacred sites that have been destroyed. What has been profaned is the very soul of a nation with rich traditions and outstanding courage, a nation which helped to liberate Europe from fascism, sacrificing to that victory about a million of its people.

Kosovo, 100 years before Columbus set sail for the New World, was the embodiment of the belief that no man had a right to rule another. Rather than consent to become slaves to tyranny, the Serbs willingly and defiantly gave their lives. Kosovo is deeply entrenched in the Serbian soul. The memory of the 1389 Serbian defeat by the Turks in the Battle of Kosovo Polje (Blackbird Field) on 28th June 1389 is a large part of Serbian historical consciousness and heritage.

The Serbian army, led by prince Lazar, fought the heroic battle of Kosovo Polje. At the beginning of the battle, Serbian warriors were able to advance. Milos Obilic, the most famous hero of this Kosovo battle, killed the Turkish King Murad. Then the Turkish army regrouped and overran the Serbs. They captured Prince Lazar alive, but beheaded him shortly thereafter. The Serbs of Kosovo Polje paid dearly with the staggering loss of 77,000 lives in one day of battle.

The following Serbian epic poem bears witness to the meaning of Kosovo in the hearts and souls of the noble, brave Serbian people:

My son, you will remember that grave oath-
Lazarus exhorted us like this:
'Whoever is a Serb, of Serbian blood,
Whoever shares with me this heritage,
And he comes not to fight at Kosovo,
May he never have the progeny
His heart desires, neither son nor daughter;
Beneath his hand let nothing decent grow-
Neither purple grapes nor wholesome wheat;
Let him rust away like dripping iron
Until his name shall be extinguished!'"

A Greater Albania was initially a plan of Mussolini and Hitler. Giving Kosovo to the Albanians by making it an independent state is tantamount to approval of the fascist behavior of Albanians during the Second World War when they sided with Hitler, and it condones the incessant horrific acts of terrorism perpetrated by the KLA against fellow Albanians, Serbs and other non-Albanians. Kosovo today has been turned into a breeding ground of terrorism for the whole of Europe, a center for human trafficking and a transfer point for drug dealers. The KLA is known to have ties to Osama Bin Laden and is listed by the US State Department as a terrorist organization. However, President Clinton found them useful as poster boy “freedom fighters” and had them removed from the terrorist list in 1999.

After illegally immigrating to Kosovo and ultimately becoming the majority of the Kosovo population, the Albanians demanded independence. They perpetrated daily acts of terrorism and lawless brutality. The Serbian army was fighting a war against terrorism and criminality, and the empire sided with the terrorists and criminals. Independence, however, is not what they really want. They want to ethnically cleanse the area of Serbs. Today Serbs are only 10% of the population. They live in ghetto like conditions and are in fear of leaving their fortified neighborhoods at the risk of exposing themselves to violence. They are prisoners in their homes and prisoners in their own country. Albanians have been intensifying their habitual stealing, raping and murderous behavior against the Serbs since the intervention of the empire.

The empire, instead of recognizing and dealing with Albanian savage violence, is insisting that the Serbs leave their own country. After this ethnic cleansing is complete, an Albanian independent Kosovo will most likely unify itself to Albania. Amid the lies and disinformation regarding Serbian so-called misdeeds in dealing with these terrorists, you will not hear that manyAlbanians sought the protection of Serb soldiers in Kosovo from the KLA. Should the empire succeed in its plans to steal Kosovo from its rightful and historical owners, criminal figures will come closer than ever to their goal of total control of Kosovo with withdrawal of international forces.

Western corporate elitists regard Kosovo as a place to make some money by exploiting its minerals, using it as a transport corridor and by gaining lucrative contracts from governments and organizations involved with the occupation forces. Well documented Albanian organized crime consists of organizations with guerrilla and espionage experience. The names Ramush Haradinaj, Hashim Thachi and Xhavit Haliti are notorious criminal leaders being protected and given immunity from the law. Both UNMIK and KFOR have been infiltrated by agents of organized crime.

With the empire’s narrow materialistic view, it would never occur to them to think of Kosovo, or any land anywhere for that matter as sacred ground, whose resources are to be used with care and only for the benefit of the rightful owners. What keeps happening to invaders and occupiers who attempt to exploit Serbia for their own ends? How did Serbia become known as the "graveyard of empires"? Its people have routed the Nazis, smashed the teeth of the Hohenzollerns and trampled the scepters of the Hapsburgs – not to mention surviving five centuries of oppression under the Ottoman Turks.

 Yet, the Serbs are neither submissive nor broken. At the time when the entire world was shaking in its boots appeasing and surrendering before renewed German might during World War II, Serbs fought valiantly, selflessly and bravely as surrender was a concept that was alien to them. The Serbs paid dearly for their stubbornness and devotion to freedom. More than a million of them perished in World War II alone, most in today’s Bosnia and Croatia.

It's no secret that the presence of mineral resources in Kosovo was one of the major reasons for occupying it. It's also clear that KFOR/UNMIK, with its partners among the supposedly "disbanded" KLA, had hoped to exploit the mineral resources of the Trepca Mines for their own ends, without regard to the rightful ownership of the mines and factories. It obvious upon investigation that the USA equipped and trained the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) for use against the Serbs in Kosovo in order to give the USA domination over a strategic area of Eastern Europe.

The only country standing up for the rule of law, common sense and reason is the Russian Federation…the only country that fully recognizes the historical, legal and moral truths in this matter. According to Nebojsa Malic, “Speculation by legions of Imperial commentators that Russia was just playing and would eventually go along was shattered at the Heiligendamm summit earlier this year. And this week, Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov made it clear where Moscow stood: “There are so-called ‘red line' issues for Russia… There we cannot fail to react and we must stick to our position to the end.” He identified Kosovo as one of those.”

The words of General Leonid Ivashov best summarize the situation, “The setting up of a gangster state based on the Kosovo enclave meets the interests of the world's oligarchate that is striving to consolidate the power of money and criminal organisations globally. Kosovo and Metohija are now the most important joint strong point in the fight for a just world order; for the preservation of national statehood as the basis of development of international relations and for the prospects of people retaining their Russian, Serbian, German or French identities. Who will win? No doubt the victory will be Serbian.”

Once again, the brave Serbian people are making a stand and refusing to bow before yet another brutal, tyrannical empire. The Serbs will never give in. All freedom loving people worldwide will support the Serbs and will rejoice when victory is theirs. They will oppose the grave injustice the empire is trying to impose. History teaches us that the Serbian territories in the Balkans have been a graveyard of empires. Most definitely in this case, this particular empire has miscalculated badly and it will prove quite costly to disregard the lessons of history.




The British public made a mistake two years ago, easily led by a campaign of false promises and lies. Today REMAIN would win 60%-40% at the very least.

We, the People of Britain, do not want Brexit

The British public made a mistake two years ago, easily led by a campaign of false promises and lies. Today REMAIN would win 60%-40% at the very least.

We, the People of Britain, do not want Brexit